Rules & Regulations for Posting in Forum

  • Each and Every member of this forum are allowed to post in this forum.
  • Only English is allowed to post a discussion, comment, and other responses.  If English is not your native, try google translation.
  • This forum is only for discussions related to Electrical & Electronics Engineering and Tech related contents.
  • You can have only one account per IP address.
  • Post contents only on respective threads.
  • If a user is identified with cheating the system, then he/she will be banned.
  • Contents related to Hacking, Drugs, Adult contents, Weapons, Skin Care products are not allowed and if so the user will be banned without any intimation.
  • Users are not allowed to share affiliate links or any kind of promotional Links.
  • Spammers and scammers are requested to stay away from this forum.
  • Bullying is not allowed at any cause. Criticism is allowed in this forum but an abusive language is not allowed.
  • Try to motivate newbies. Each and everyone makes mistake so try correcting mistakes without bullying.
  • Useless posts will be removed followed by a warning and the user will be banned finally. Posts should be at least one line.

Reward System details

100 Zzoomit Points = 70 INR or 1 USD 

Currently, I m offering points for the following.

  • Posting a topic – 2 (Quiz, Reviews, Ask anything related to electrical, electronics)
  • Responding to a topic – 1
  • Daily visit – 1

Soon I will be adding a point for an affiliate section.

Payments and Rewards/Payouts

  • Payments will be done on the 4th week of each and every month without fail.
  • Currently, I can make payments through Paytm, Amazon gift cards, Forumcoin on reaching 500 Zzoomit Points.
  • To make a payout, contact/message @Admin with convenient mode and its credentials.

Privacy Policy

  • We won’t share any of your information and data to third-party sites.
  • Our site may contain affiliate links and other promotional links.
  • You accept to receive emails from our forum upon registration and other cookies policy.